Sportstatsforyou.com is a site devoted to the numbers. Sports is all about the stats and we're only about the stats. Our goal is to inform and to entertain sports fans daily with timely, easy-to-read statistical information.


So what makes us different? A couple of things:


1. You can find all of the stats we compile, but you'll have to use a lot of resources and spend a lot of time digging through their pages. We save you that work.


2. Mainstream sites give you the basic stats for the most popular sports. Niche sites offer you more detailed stats for a particular sport. We give you both. Whether it's pro or amateur, men or women, North American or global ... we cover them all.


3. We offer a level of experience and expertise that is tough to match when it comes to statistical compilation, analysis and presentation.


Sportstatsforyou.com was founded in July 2018 by Lee C. Gordon, an editor for 40 years at newspapers in Ohio, New York, Connecticut and Illinois. He helped craft the ground-breaking statistical package of The National Sports Daily in 1990-91 and continued to hone his stats craft until his newspaper career ended at the Chicago Tribune in 2015.


Scott Moe has more than 20 years of experience in sports media and statistical analysis, working at media companies from the Los Angeles Times to FOX Sports, as well as one of the nation's largest mortgage lenders and a major research university.


Johnny Rosenstein is a sports stats geek. He worked as a paperboy for his hometown Dayton Daily News and joined the paper as a sports copy editor and reporter after graduating from Indiana University. His 30-year journalism career includes stops at the Chicago Tribune, CBSSports.com, FOXSports.com as well as stints with Yahoo! and the Indiana Daily Student. It's his love of sports stats that led him to SSFY.  He recalls calculating his own MLB Fantasy stats from newspapers every week – before websites were around to keep track.


Leah Edelman is a graphic designer based in Chicago. She uses design to create strategic and engaging visual solutions to present unique designs to capture the attention of those who see it. She looks forward to preparing charts for SSFY members.

Jacob Zwelling is a college student in NYC studying data analytics. His experience as a basketball analyst for his university’s broadcasting channel, his passion for his studies where he learns to extrapolate significant meaning from data sets, and his general love for sports makes SSFY a good fit and an exciting place to work. 



SSFY does not currently accept advertisements. But hey, if you want to partner up with some of the biggest stat geeks around, make us an offer and we'll consider it.



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1. Four new statistical charts each day relating to events in the world of sports that day or an aggregate statistical look at a sport currently in its season.

2. An email sent to your inbox daily with an overview of the stats we are covering that day and links to the full charts.

3. Full access to our online archive, which grows with each passing day.

4. The ability to submit questions and requests if there is a particular analysis you would like executed.